Before you put your home up for sale, do your research and ask the vital questions every seller needs to consider before the home-selling process even begins. This process can quickly become complicated, however, if you enter into selling a home with solid information and know which questions to ask and when, the entire experience will move along much better.

Pay special attention to whether or not a real estate agent is experienced. This agent will lead you through negotiations, and in specific cases, such as a divorce, settling an estate or buying a second home, an agent with several years of experience will likely be your key to success.

Let’s talk upgrades. In the end, this is completely dependent upon individual upgrades, the costs and whether or not your timeline allows for such changes and updates to take place.  Different budgets will accommodate different upgrades, but in general, fixing up the eyesores of your home will only help in the long run and help maintain top end value. If something absolutely needs to be fixed in order to make the home safe, either fix it or pay the consequences later.  Safety issues rarely if ever get by both the home inspector and/or the appraiser.

Simple fixes such as neutral paint colors are an easy way to help buyers imagine themselves in your home.  Always consult your real estate professional before making updates such as flooring and countertops since there may be materials more favorable in certain areas. If your budget allows, having a showcase room such as a kitchen or a stunning master suite is helpful because it will make your home stand out.

When selling a home, the key is to address the major factors that are most important to the would-be buyer.  These key factors are price, condition, location and buyer preference.  Some are much easier to change than others.  The location or design style of your home are difficult to minimize, however, your price and condition can be much more easily modified if the need arises.

The ultimate key to success, bar none, is pricing your home fairly.  Today’s buyer simply has too much access to recent sales data and will know if your home is priced outside market expectations.  When it comes to the asking price, sellers often say “we can always come down” but the reality is that you rarely, if ever, get a second chance to make a first impression. Putting your best foot forward is typically the most solid advice.


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